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An Italian cinematographer with a fiery passion for stories with an intimate tone and a social impact, Ludovica Isidori holds an MA in Cinema and Television studies from IULM, Milano and a MFA in Cinematography from the American Film Institute, where she also received the Olivadotti Scholarship for craftsmanship excellence. 

Before moving to the US, she worked with Franesco Zanot, a photography curator for FORMA, and trained under the fashion photographer Gianguido Rossi; the combination of those experiences shaped Ludovica’s eye for subtle and hidden beauty and her refined understanding of aesthetic rules. 

Test Pattern, the independent feature film Ludovica lensed for director Shatara Michelle Ford, has recently been distributed by Kino Lorber and has received global appraise from high-profile magazines such as IndieWire, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times et al.

Ludovica’s lighting work is emphasized in The Rolling Stone and described as “something portentous and terrifying, a harbinger of the inevitable as - the protagonist - Renesha finds herself passing out in her assailant’s car”.


Since the beginning of 2021, Ludovica has shot High Heel, a TV Pilot directed by Rochée Jeffrey and produced by Dre London, Post Malone, Christina Arquette and Trinidad James, and The Harbinger, an independent psychological horror film directed by Andy Mitton and produced by One Bad Idea Films, as well as Sanctuary, a feature film starring Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbot. 

She started 2022 shooting Season 2 of the TV show For the Love of Jason, for the network ALL BLK. 

Her work has screened at Tribeca, SXSW, Slamdance, HBO, Diversity in Cannes and many other international Film Festivals, as well as been streamed on Hulu and Lifetime. 

She is a Film Independent Cinematography Fellow and a member of Free The Work, the ICFC and Women in Media; she is also the recipient of multiple cinematography prizes for some of her short movies.

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